Let Five Minutes Of ‘Super Mario World’ Told In 80,000 Dominoes Falling Sooth You

There are many, many, many reasons not to be a fan of 2016. It is a stressful year full of bad news, rising social tensions, and we’ve still got four months to go. So, if you need to step away from the madhouse, at least for a little while, why not watch Super Mario World, retold with 80,000 dominoes.

From YouTube user The Domino King, this is a “screen link,” that is, each panel of dominoes was set up and filmed separately, and then edited together to create a video tapestry of dominoes collapsing into the beloved sprites of Nintendo’s classic. And it’s almost absurdly relaxing, not to mention well executed. In all, this took more than 80,000 dominoes, and a month of carefully laying this out, domino by domino, and hoping nobody slams the door.

If you want more, the Domino King has plenty where that came from, including a Pokémon of the Month series that you don’t have to walk somewhere to see. Our only question is really how long it might take to hire him to, say, set up a domino electoral map. November is going to be a lot better for all of us if we get that news by domino.

(Via Sploid)