Nintendo Reportedly Replacing The MiniNES With A Miniature Version Of The SNES

When Nintendo discontinued the totally awesome, immensely popular MiniNES, a $60 adorably miniature version of the classic NES preloaded with 30 games, it seemed to make no damn sense. It was rumored to be discontinued because Nintendo didn’t want it to compete with their $300 Switch (which, again, makes no damn sense).

If a report from Eurogamer is correct, Nintendo had another, more acceptable reason to discontinue it: So they could focus on producing a miniature Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). More like SNE-yes. (I’m sorry.)

The mini SNES is reportedly planned to hit shelves in time for holiday gift giving this year. Like the MiniNES, it will reportedly be plug-and-play with a collection of pre-loaded games. No word yet on which games, but come on. It’s gotta have Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Donkey Kong Country. Or I will fight them.

Since the MiniNES was apparently intended as a Christmas 2016 novelty gift, the mini SNES may be discontinued soon after the new year. This also raises the question: Why can’t we have both the MiniNES and a mini SNES? Why discontinue them as long as they’re still flying off shelves? Oh well, at least the Famicom Mini is supposed to come back.

(Via Eurogamer)