Surprise! ‘Tales From The Borderlands’ Came Out Today, So Here’s A Launch Trailer.

Telltale games has a slightly…annoying habit of not announcing release dates until their latest chunk of episodic gaming goodness is only days/hours away, but this time they didn’t even bother. They just dropped the first episode of their new series, Tales From the Borderlands, without any advance warning at all.

The first episode of Tales From the Borderlands, entitled Zer0 Sum, introduces us to the series’ two main characters, hapless Hyperion employee Rhys and sassy con artist Fiona, both of whom you’ll control. Here’s a new launch trailer for the game…

Seems promising to me. Personally I’m looking forward to Telltale returning to slightly less grim territory, even if the Borderlands universe isn’t one I’m particularly attached to. Tales From the Borderlands is available on PC, PS3 & PS4 right now – the Xbox One version hits tomorrow and the Xbox 360 version comes out December 3rd.