‘Tacoma’ Leads The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

08.01.17 8 months ago


Every week, it seems there are more and more games and more and more ways to play them. So, every week, we pick out five games worth your time and attention. This week, we’re starting with the second act of a developer whose first game everybody had an opinion about.

Pick Of The Week: Tacoma, Wednesday ($20, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux)

The Fullbright Company first came to attention with Gone Home, an experiment in storytelling and design that arguably launched the “walking simulator” genre and a lot of angry forum posts about how if it doesn’t involve shooting things, it’s not a game. In this follow-up, you’re trapped on an abandoned lunar station. To escape, you’ll need to figure out what happened to the crew by following their holographic projections and piecing together the story. Despite all the griping about Gone Home, at its core it was a fun (if speedy) adventure game, and Tacoma’s ability to fast-forward and rewind to watch the projections is intriguing.

The Long Dark, Tuesday ($35, PS4 and Xbox One)

There’s no good place to be when society collapses, but Hinterland’s new first-person survival game picks out pretty much the absolute worst place to be: In the Canadian wilderness, as a bush pilot who’s just crashed his plane. As you might guess, your goal is to find resources, not get eaten by wolves (no, seriously, there are wolves), and survive until either somebody finds you or you start a new civilization. At the rate things are going, though, the latter might be more likely than the former.

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