Harley Quinn Voice Actor Tara Strong Cosplayed As Harley Quinn Again Because God Loves Us

Margot Robbie may be stealing the show when Suicide Squad opens next week, but another Harley Quinn was stealing the show in a low key way at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Tara Strong voiced Harley in the Arkham video games, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and LEGO Dimensions, and she voiced Batgirl in Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman: The Animated Series. She also sometimes cosplays as Harley Quinn because God loves us and wants us to be happy.

As Strong said on Twitter, the most fun part about showing up to Comic-Con as Harley was when people asked for a photo, but didn’t know she’s the actual voice of Harley. Though it would be hard not to notice she’s the voice when she starts using it at dinner like this:

(Via Bleeding Cool and Tara Strong)