Teachers To Ruin Fun, Teach Physics with ‘Angry Birds’

Senior Contributor

I’m just going to come right out and admit that the “Angry Birds” fad is utterly baffling to me. Not that it’s a bad game, or that it isn’t a fun one, but it seems like most of America has suddenly become obsessed with slinging birds at buildings. When it’s announced for a new platform, it’s major news, and it’s penetrated so far into our public consciousness that it even gets mentioned in political reporting. For the record, Michelle Bachmann apparently thinks “Angry Birds” are the “happening thing”. They’re even making a movie out of it.

Fortunately, teachers are making a heroic bid to stop this increasingly annoying fad cold by using “Angry Birds” to teach physics. Do you care whether or not a bluebird conserves momentum when it splits into three equally useless parts? Now you have to, kids!

Let’s hope teachers stick with it, if for no other reason than we want to see how far conspicuous consumption can actually extend to our hallowed educational halls.

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