Someone Took The Time To Meticulously Recreate ‘Terminator 2’ In ‘GTA V’

Grand Theft Auto V‘s impressive engine has powered more tributes than Tenacious D. From the spot-on recreation of Breaking Bad, to the Game of Thrones intro, gamers and non-gamers alike have seen that just about anything can be recreated in GTA V with patience, know-how, and plenty of time. We even got a lightsaber battle in the San Andreas desert. There’s nothing this game can’t do!

But most of these scenes and odes to pop culture are short. Maybe a minute or two long. Creating something with a decent length would take hundreds of hours even if it was an original creation. That’s what makes this utterly incredible recreation of Terminator 2 — a near shot for shot remake — so damn extraordinary. If you’re familiar with the film, which most are, you can bounce around and stop anywhere on the YouTube timeline and come up on a scene you recognize that’s been lovingly recreated. Take a look for yourself, and get sucked into watching a stiff, Russian version of T2:

The people behind the machinima, Kramer’s Media, are a crew of Russians so you’ll hear the language dub front and center, but the movie’s music, sound effects, and some dialogue make it into the cut. They also used a variety of custom skins to make the project come together, which can be downloaded and used in your PC version of GTA Online. Nice.

(Via Kotaku)