Here Are The Best Trailers From Sony’s Blowout PS4 Gamescom Press Conference

The Playstation 4 is a beautiful, well-designed piece of gaming hardware, it really is, but a quick look at the upcoming release schedule reveals there’s balls all coming out for it. Thankfully Sony showed up at Gamescom today with a packed press conference that should get PS4 owners excited about the future of their new console.

Here are a few of the best trailers from Sony’s big presser…


From Software’s survival horror meets Dark Souls mashup Bloodborne debuted at E3 with a trailer that was heavy on mood and light on specifics. This new trailer on the other hand, serves up a nice little taste of actual gameplay…

Holy crap, this game is going to destroy me.

The Order: 1886

Lots of gunplay featuring weapons apparently created by Nikola Tesla in this one.


Get used to Rime, because I can tell I’m going to be gushing about this one a lot between now and it’s release. It’s basically Ico meets Wind Waker, except even prettier than you’re imagining. Check it out…

Ugh. Want.


From the makers of Heavenly Sword, a game that looks very much like a sequel, or at least spiritual successor to, Heavenly Sword.

Until Dawn

More horror-ey goodness! Think The Last of Us has had just a little bit of an effect on Sony’s decision-making process?

Well, that certainly replicated the look and feel of a cheesy teen horror movie accurately.


A new independent game from Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil. Wild is a game about romping about grassy fields with a variety of cute animals. You can also kill them, but that sounds less fun to me.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

You can wear a PS4 box on your head in the game. No word on if you can wear an Xbox One box on your head in the Microsoft version, but if not, that Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity has just been negated.

What do you folks think? Which PS4 games shown off today are you most into?

Videos via the Sony Playstation YouTube channel