The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Will Make Changes To The Game’s Story And Gameplay

Perhaps the biggest story of this year’s E3 was that Square Enix has finally relented to fan demands and will be remaking Final Fantasy VII. Not a re-release or remastering, but a full, from-the-ground-up remake. So, the question becomes, what kind of changes can we expect for this new version of Final Fantasy VII?

The new Final Fantasy VII will obviously have much better graphics, but, according to Final Fantasy producer Tetsuya Nomura, the remake will be much more than an aesthetic overhaul.

“I can’t get go into details, but this is not a simple remake. Let’s say for argument’s sake that we only pretty up the graphics for current gen hardware, I don’t think that would surpass the original version.

The original version is a game that came out in 1997, and if you look at it today, you can feel how dated the graphics and the game system are. We haven’t shown any gameplay yet, but since we’re updating them quite a bit, please look forward to that.”

Okay, so the battle system is getting an overhaul. I can deal with that, as the original battle system could be rather clunky at times. But what about the game’s story? That’s the part of Final Fantasy VII that’s really held up in the minds of most fans, but it’s apparently being revamped, too

“Since we now formally revealed Kazushige Nojima’s name for the scenario, there will be more plot devices in the story, so I think you can also look forward to that.”

Extra plot devices? Maybe they’ll finally address this little plot hole (20-year-old SPOILERS ahead)…

What do you think about the proposed changes? Is Final Fantasy VII sacred, or is it in need of some renovation?

(Via Kotaku)