The Final, ‘Impossible’ To Collect Coin In ‘Mario 64’ Has Been Collected

Over a decade ago zealous Super Mario 64 fans discovered a coin embedded in one of the ramps on Tiny-Huge Island. If you placed the camera at a certain angle, the environment would tear apart and you could see the coin, but it was impossible to collect.

No other game in history has been as thoroughly torn apart as Mario 64, but for over a dozen years nobody could find the combination of glitches that would allow them to grab that coin. The elusive trinket was eventually dubbed “The Impossible Coin” and became somewhat of a white whale for folks who are way too into Mario 64.

Well, somebody final nabbed the final coin in Super Mario 64. YouTuber Pannenkoek recently uploaded this video of him collecting The Impossible Coin…

And then, of course, he had to go and get the star. Grabbing a coin nobody else has ever touched wouldn’t mean anything unless you also got the star.

Via Kotaku