The First ‘WWE 2K15’ Trailer Is Impressive, But Could Do With A Lot Less Kid Rock

09.22.14 5 years ago 38 Comments

Oh, wrestling, never change. WWE and 2K Games spend millions of dollars making a cutting edge — in some cases almost photo-realistic — wrestling game, then when it comes time to unveil the game to the world, they coat their debut trailer in Kid Rock. Not just any Kid Rock either, they actually went with Bawitdaba. In 2014. I’m pretty sure Kid Rock himself would advise against using Bawitdaba in 2014.

But hey, WWE’s awful taste in music aside, WWE 2K15 is looking pretty damn solid. As I expected, some of the harder to capture guys like Bray Wyatt don’t look quite as accurate as say, human Ken doll Randy Orton, but there’s no denying this game is a massive step up from 2k14.

Check out the trailer below…

The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of WWE 2K15 hit October 28th, but you’re probably going to want to wait for the PS4/Xbox One versions, which are coming November 18th.


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