The New English Trailer For ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Turns The Series Into A Slick Car Commercial

The newest trailer for Final Fantasy XV premiered alongside Jump Festa 2015 in Japan and it’s the first “English” look at the newest game in the long running series. I put that in quotes because the dialogue is in English, but the sync is clear still in development.

That doesn’t mean the game doesn’t look spectacular. It is a glossy, next/current/awesome gen take that is hopefully worth the wait. I say that as someone who doesn’t really play many MMORPGs, so I missed out on XIV.

The one thing almost everyone that has written about this trailer has noted is the return of Cid, this time as a female mechanic. Cid or Cidney is cool and all, but I really just like the look of the whole game (and the gigantic scale of it all). Yes, I know that headline sounds a bit harsh and it does have a fairly emo feel to it all. That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. I like the idea of hitting the road and mixing it with swords and sorcery. Throw in a six pack of Natural Light, some cigarettes, a fist full of jerky, and some Molly Hatchet to ensure a perfect experience.

(Via Square Enix / Kotaku / Topless Robot)