The New ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Trailer Is Full Of Hot Cars, Giant Dragons And Silly Hair

Square-Enix dropped a new Final Fantasy XV trailer yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show, and, well, the looong-in-development game looks like Final Fantasy on steroids. It’s full of guys with silly hair cruising around in hot cars and slashing things with giant swords, but there’s also yak creatures straight out of Star Wars, dragons the size of mountains and a lot more blood than you might expect from a Final Fantasy title. In short, this game is looking nutty.

Check out the trailer below…

Interestingly, Tetsuya Nomura, the guy who’s been shepherding Final Fantasy XV (which used to go by Final Fantasy Versus XIII) for nearly a decade is no longer directing the game. In other words, Square-Enix is finally serious about actually getting a finished game on shelves.

Lastly, a playable Final Fantasy XV demo will be coming March 17 of next year. Based on the trailer we just saw, I’m looking forward to that.

Via Metro