The Second Act Of ‘Broken Age’ Finally Has An Official Release Date

Warning: The above video contains spoilers for Broken Age: Act 1.

After a long wait, news about the second act of Broken Age has finally started to pick up. We recently got a first look at the second part of the Kickstarter-funded game, and we learned that the big finale was coming “sometime soon.” Well, we now have a hard date.

Broken Age: Act 2 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on April 28 in North America and April 29 in Europe. People who already purchased Act 1 on PCs will get the second act as a free download, and once it’s released, new buyers will only be able to buy the full game. No more separate acts. Broken Age will be a cross-buy game on PlayStation platforms.

If you want a slightly different look at Broken Age: Act 2, you can check out the 12 minutes of gameplay we posted yesterday with new Tim Schafer commentary above.

via IGN