The UPROXX GammaStream Takes A Cue From ‘Hustle Kings’

One thing we haven’t done in our time on the Uproxx GammaStream is see how far a free-to-play game will let us push it before it demands money out of us. So… let’s do just that, with the newly released, free-to-play pool game, Hustle Kings.

The game itself is actually beloved among the pool video game cult audience. It was a popular cult title for the PS3 and the Vita, and it appears Sony took note and brought the game to the PS4 as a free-to-play title. As usual, I’m going in cold; I have no idea what the game will hit me up for, but I do know that it’s not getting a red cent of my money. That’s the goal here: To see how far we can push the “free” part of “free to play,” and whether we can get a decent game out of it.

We’ll be streaming from 3pm to 5pm EST. As always, you can find me on Twitch to watch the stream, or you can settle in and mock my pool skills right here: