The UPROXX GammaStream: We Dig Into The Retro Goodness Of ‘Shovel Knight’

Shovel Knight, the critically acclaimed retro platformer previously exclusive to Nintendo systems, makes its way to Sony platforms this week, and I’m going to dig into it to see what’s what.

I’ve been doing the platforming thing for nigh-on 30 years, so hopefully I’ll be a little better at this game than I was at Bloodborne. That said, this will be my first time playing Shovel Knight, so you may get to see me plunging down a few bottomless pits.

The stream is done, but you can watch it in YouTube form below. We made pretty good progress, shovelin’ our way through four stages. Unfortunately it looks like there were some technical difficulties early on. Sorry about that. The feed cuts out for towards the end of part 1 and doesn’t come back until halfway through part 2. It craps out again towards the end of part 3 and doesn’t return until two-thirds of the way through part 4. Basically, we lost around 15-minutes out of two hours, so it’s easy enough to skip past.