‘The Witcher’ Is Heading To Screens With An Oscar-Nominated Director

One of the nice touches of The Witcher franchise is that as the adventures of Geralt, the mutated monster killer, is based on a series of stories by Andrzej Sapkowski, the mythology tends to be a bit more literary and complicated. And whenever you give that to a superb writer, like in Dark Horse’s Witcher comics, the results can be great. And we’ll be putting that to the test, as The Witcher is coming to the big screen.

They’re not skimping on talent, either: The director hired on is Tomasz Bagiński, probably best known to gamers for the intro sequences he directs for CD Projekt, but who has a long career making award-winning short films, including Oscar-nominated The Cathedral. His specialty in computer animation will likely come in handy considering how many griffins, chimerae, and general weird beasties Geralt stabs in the face.

The real question, of course, is how faithful they’ll be to the books. Western audiences are largely unfamiliar with the original stories, which are not-so-subtly based on recent Polish history in a few cases, but they tend toward moral greys and twist endings. Geralt is more often than not a wry observer to the follies of man and beast, so hopefully that carries over. If not, maybe he can at least do it on a stuffed unicorn.

(Via The AV Club)