This Little Kitten Is A Serious Super Smash Bros. Gamer

11.23.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Super Smash Bros. is back and no one is more excited than this tiny kitten.

Wii U released their latest version of the popular game this week and it’s been getting some pretty darn good reviews so far, but apparently it’s not just gaming nerds and nineties kids that are loving the new and improved edition of the Nintendo 64 classic. Note to PR teams everywhere, if you want to sell anything, hire a cute kitten.

Seriously, if watching this little guy paw at the screen and become completely entranced as Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang basically beat the sh*t out of each other doesn’t sell you on the game, nothing will. But here’s a friendly PSA to all of the humans out there, don’t be this guy and hog all the gaming time for yourself. Rude.

(Via Gawker)

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