This ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Launch Trailer Is Packed With Explosions And Bodily Fluids

10.22.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Whoa, is Sunset Overdrive coming out next week? For whatever reason I’ve kind of lost track of the Xbox One’s big exclusive, but yup, it arrives next Tuesday, so we have an explosive new launch trailer for you.

Check it out below…

The game’s still looking good, although have they changed the main character’s hair/face again? Kind of looks like it. Speaking of hair, here’s a look at the game’s character customization (I apologize in advance for the “trying way too hard” lady narrating)…

Sunset Overdrive is still looking colorful and fun, but man, the ‘tude is being laid on just a little thick in a lot of the promotional materials. I think I might not be rad to the max enough for this game, guys.

Via Xbox Wire

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