To See The Real Ending Of ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’, You’ll Have To 100% Finish The Game

Batman: Arkham Knight will likely be packed with things to do and stuff to find, ranging from supervillains to hunt down to those Riddler trophies most people just kind of try to ignore. In fact, it will probably have a lot more of it! And if you want to see the ending? You’re going to have to finish all of it.

Reviews are coming in, and, in addition to offering glowing praise, they’re also revealing that Rocksteady is taking a pretty hard line when it comes to getting the best ending of the game. If you want to see how the series really wraps up, you’re going to have to hit 100 percent completion. Every sidequest, every enemy base, every collectible, the whole boat. Then, presumably, Batman fakes his death and retires to an island with Catwoman, because he’s punched all there is to punch.

It makes sense, on one level; this is Rocksteady’s finale, the game they want to depart from the series on, and they want to reward the obsessed fans who mop up the entire game. Rocksteady has said before they want to keep the open world in question small and packed full of things to do, so you’re not going to spend five minutes driving the Batmobile to a checkpoint. And, thankfully, they scaled back the number of Riddler trophies from 440 of the things to 243.

That said, hopefully Rocksteady’s balanced everything so we don’t spend half our time with the game trying to find that last schmuck getting beaten up.

(via Kotaku)