The UPROXX GammaStream Strikes Back With The ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Beta

After a decade on the back burner, the fan-favorite Star Wars Battlefront series returns this year, courtesy of EA and DICE (the developers of the Battlefield games and Mirror’s Edge). The new Battlefront looked eye-poppingly impressive at this year’s E3, but reactions to how it actually played were mixed. Could this game possibly live up to the hype?

Well, you’ll all get to judge for yourselves soon enough, because EA is letting everybody test out Star Wars Battlefront starting tomorrow via an online beta. You don’t have to have pre-ordered the game. Hell, you don’t even have to have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. Anybody with an Xbox One, PS4 or PC and an Internet connection can download the beta and start blasting on October 8. Can’t wait? Well, GammaSquad got early access to the beta, so you can watch me put it through its paces right now.

A disclaimer: I’m absolutely terrible at online shooters, so this could be an embarrassing display, but I’m willing to take the bullet (or blaster shot as it were) for you readers. The stream will start at around 3:45 EST/12:45 PST and go until I get tired of being slaughtered. May The Force be with me.

Update: You can now watch the full stream via YouTube, below…