New ‘Warcraft’ Clips Feature Wizardry, Heart-To-Hearts And Orcs Hurling Horses

Thus far, most Warcraft footage we’ve seen has focused very squarely on action. Universal wants us to think Warcraft is going to be one, long Lord of the Rings battle scene, but there must be something else in there! A few scenes to set up why the humans and good orcs are fighting the bad orcs.

Turns out there are! Universal is slowing things down just a little bit with its latest round of clips, which focus more on character moments and dialogue. First up we have Durotan (Tony Kebbell) discussing the plight of his people with Orgrim (Robert Kazinsky) and floating the idea of teaming up with the humans.

Next up, we have a bit of a tense negotiation between Lothar (Travis Fimmel), Gamora (Paula Patton) and King Llane (Dominic Cooper).

In this one, rogue mage Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer) is snooping around the royal library, but gets caught and literally hoisted by his petard by the powerful Medivh (Ben Foster).

Of course, they couldn’t resist sneaking some action in, so here’s Lothar and his troops getting ambushed in the forest by orcs, who are in a horse-tossin’ kind of mood.

I have to say, these talky clips actually give me more hope for Warcraft than all the action. At least we know there’s going to be some solid acting mixed in amongst all the CGI spectacle.

Warcraft storms theaters June 10.