Watch As Super Mario Discovers That Koopas Have Feelings Too, Right Before Crushing Them

So I’m pretty sure this is it. The final Realistic Mario video, all thanks to the cancellation of The Pete Holmes Show. That also means no more Street Fighter evaluations, no more X-Men firings, and definitely no more interviews with weird hugging. But at least he’s going out on a good note.

Here we find Super Mario alive and well after his last run in with Yoshi, fire flower and all. The brunt of the violence this time around is inflicted upon the helpless koopas that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom.

It turns out their shells aren’t as hard as we previously thought and neither are their emotions. They have lives, families and names. Tells me one thing: Mario needs to lay off the shrooms. Talking animals don’t make no damn sense.

Farwell, Realistic Mario. You provided a few good laughs and some heated debate on the nature of Mario’s powers. Hopefully you will live on through Dorkly and other similar video series.

(Via Pete Holmes)