Ubisoft Shows Off Impressive ‘Watch Dogs 2’ Footage And Confirms The Series Is Getting A Movie

It seems as if Ubisoft is doubling down on the Watch Dogs franchise. Even though the first game in the series was met with a middling response from most gamers and critics, Watch Dogs 2 got more spotlight time than any other game during Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference.

Ubisoft rolled out an all-new trailer, and a meaty 10-minute gameplay video that highlights the new feel and features of Watch Dogs 2. As reported previously, Watch Dogs 2 is striking a much lighter tone, with younger, cooler characters and a more colorful San Francisco landscape replacing the dour cast and gritty, dystopian Chicago of the original game. In terms of gameplay, your hacking abilities don’t seem to have changed that much, but you’re now more agile and capable in a fight, and can use remote controlled cars and drones to help you do your hacking. All in all, the gameplay just generally looks more fluid and polished. You can check out a new Watch Dogs 2 trailer at the top of this post, and the gameplay below.

Ubisoft also re-confirmed that they’re working on a Watch Dogs movie with Sony Pictures. The Watch Dogs movie was originally announced back in 2014, but we hadn’t heard anything since then, and many assumed it development had gone off the rails along with public perception of the first game. Apparently Ubisoft is hoping Watch Dogs 2 will revive the franchise amongst both gamers and moviegoers.

Watch Dogs 2 hits shelves November 15.