‘Watch Dogs 2’ Leads The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

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With new platforms, new genres, and new developers arriving every week, the video game release schedule is more crowded than ever. So we’ll help you cut through the list, by picking five games that seem worth your time and money this week. And we’ll start with the next big open world game.

Pick Of The Week

Watch Dogs 2, Tuesday, November 15th (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The first Watch Dogs was fun but heavily flawed, and we wound up declaring it the most frustrating game of the year. The sequel appears to address a lot of this: Instead of generic white guy Aidan Pierce, you play Marcus Holloway, a hacker thrown in jail for his skin color thanks to an algorithm out for revenge in a fictionalized version of San Francisco. It’s also made the game’s fun but somewhat shallow hacking mechanic much deeper. Also, you beat the crap out of people with what amounts to an improvised mace, a pool ball tied to a bungee cord. Really, you had us at that.

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