‘Watch Dogs 2’ Makes A Lot Of Fun Of Ubisoft

11.14.16 1 year ago


Watch Dogs 2 is published by Ubisoft, and the game rather quickly takes a turn wherein you discover that Ubisoft’s San Francisco branch is a location in the game. Yes, the publisher of said video game exists in its own game world. And not only that, Ubisoft apparently takes a lot of glee in torturing the San Francisco office, since Watch Dogs 2 wants you to troll the hell out of the company.

Kotaku writes about an entire side quest in the game where you listen in on an angry phone call about leaks from the Assassin’s Creed team (which is coming to theaters this Christmas, let’s not forget), and then decide to make life miserable for some poor marketing guy by leaking a trailer. The trailer, which ironically leaked over the weekend, even has a watermark and Twitch stream icons.

Yes, the marketing isn’t particularly subtle; Ubisoft’s San Francisco office doesn’t have giant signs and an Assassin’s Creed poster hanging off the front. But it is a rather funny acknowledgment of the company’s press woes around its flagship franchise, and it’s good to see a video game company making fun of themselves. But seriously, guys, are you making that space-trucking video game?

(via Kotaku)

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