Watch Somebody Beat ‘Bloodborne’ With A ‘Guitar Hero’ Controller

Beating From Software’s games with the plastic controllers you use for Rock Band is nothing new. That doesn’t, however, make YouTuber gbbearzly‘s playthrough any less impressive. Meet Guitarborne.

A quick overview of the rules: He has to use a Guitar Hero controller and… well, really, what else do you need? The controller presents a few challenges, notably that he has to forsake some techniques in favor of others. Oh, also, he never claims that he doesn’t die on this playthrough, because if he didn’t, that’d be impressive even with a standard controller. This video, where he defeats the Shadows of Yharnam, just happens to be his final run against those tentacled douchebags.

If you’re wondering what’s next… well, he appears to be using the drum controllers to beat From Softwares’s ouvre. Hey, if you’re fighting Snatchers, that’ll make for some good cardio.