These Fan-Made Cinematic ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Videos Show Why The PC Version Was Worth The Wait

Grand Theft Auto V finally made its way to PC last month, and with it came a special video editing mode that allows players to record all their carnage, then turn it into movie quality madness. Even though fans have only had their hands on this software for a few weeks, amazing videos are already being pumped out that showcase the PC version’s superior graphics. San Andreas has never looked better, so sit back, buckle up, and take in some high-level amateur cinematic Grand Theft Auto action.

A World Of Possibilities

What better way to start off than with a 1080p 60fps video? YouTube user The XXI takes us on a gorgeous tour of the endless activities you can get up to while playing GTA. Go dirt biking. Explore an abandoned mine. James Cameron it up at the bottom of the ocean. Who said this game was all about murder?

Super Clown

Okay, let’s not pretend Grand Theft Auto isn’t the best murder simulator out there. Boris the Blade’s “Super Clown” video is proof of that. The perfect video to scare the sh*t out of your coulrophobic friends, this is four and a half minutes of a creepy clown laying out law enforcement like some sort of demented circus Terminator. Immaculately edited, this shows you just how powerful the new video editor is.

House Of Cards Time Lapse

Time lapse videos aren’t just for real life anymore. It turns out that you can apply the same effect to Grand Theft Auto V with beautiful results. Add in the mood and music to Netflix’s House of Cards, and you’ve got yourself a piece of art. Well done, YouTube user Serpe.

Balla Gangsters 2

Gang-banging never looked so good. YouTuber DomesticMango throws together some sick beats, pimp cars, and big explosions to create the definitive hood warfare video.

The Devil You Know

There’s no doubt the Machinima team will have a field day with this video editor thing. Here’s a taste of things to come… a fake movie trailer that looks better than a lot of what’s hitting theaters this summer. Lovingly edited by BreadCat Productions, this is the most cinematic video of the bunch, helped along by an epic score.

Bonus: Hi, I’m Trevor Philips. Welcome To Jackass

This vid by Abstract Mode isn’t overly cinematic or beautiful, but it sure is funny. Trevor Philips becomes Johnny Knoxville, throwing himself into traffic and off buildings to the theme from Jackass. It’s always more fun watching real people act like morons, but the Grand Theft Auto V physics engine does a good enough job to keep this one entertaining.