Watch This Insane Gamer Beat Two ‘Mega Man’ Games Simultaneously With A Single Controller

How many Mega Man games have you beaten? Without any cheats or Game Genie codes? My sum total is two, which is a pretty terrible record, considering there’s about 500 Mega Man titles out there. Mega Man games aren’t for the weak of heart, and they definitely don’t require any extra handicapping.

Well, don’t tell that to YouTuber and Mega Man master AuraPuffs. Just for laughs, he decided to beat both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 at the same time, with the same controller. Even more impressively, he does it with no help. No emulator tricks, no save states, no video manipulation.

Even thinking about doing something like this makes my head hurt. Basically, the guy makes some clever use of cutscenes, so he can get ahead in one game while the other is essentially “paused,” but there’s still plenty of spots where he somehow makes the same jumps and moves work in two completely separate games. And I’ve now officially thought about this too much. Time to go lay down.

via the Daily Dot