Watch Us Try To Kill The Teenagers Of ‘Until Dawn’

Until Dawn is Supermassive’s oddball experiment in Telltale-style adventure games and also a loving tribute to gory slasher movies, with a cast of dimwitted teens going to visit a secluded mountain where a few of them died last year. Every decision you make, from the tiny to the life-saving, affects the direction of the story and the eight precious lives you hold in your hands.

So, the course of action we as gamers must take is clear. Let’s grease these suckers! You’re gonna wish you were stuck in a game of Lemmings after this, Hayden Panettiere! MUHUHAHAHAHAHA

Both Nate and I have review copies of Until Dawn, and while he’s got his own little twist to the stream coming up, I thought I’d do what we all wish we could with slasher movies: Lead the cast to their own deaths. Whenever I can’t kill them by making a stupid choice, I’m going to do my best to make other stupid choices to increase my odds of a kill.

How will I do? We’ll find out today, from 3:30pm EST to 5pm EST. You can check out the stream below, or if you prefer, you can watch me do my best Jigsaw directly on Twitch. Join us, won’t you?