Where To, Brother? Hulk Hogan Is Inexplicably Starring In A New ‘Crazy Taxi’ Game.

Hulk Hogan has been, how to put this delicately, somewhat less than coherent lately, and now the dude is apparently wandering pantsless into random video games he doesn’t belong in. Did you know there’s a new mobile Craxy Taxi game? There is! And did you know you can play as Hulk Hogan in it for some reason? Oh, you better believe it brother!

Crazy Taxi: City Rush came out back in July, but apparently it’s not doing that well, because now pretty much everything in the game, from the driver to all the cars, have been given an orange, leathery Hulk Hogan re-skinning. Hopefully The Offspring have been replaced by some hot Wrestling Boot Band licks.

Check a trailer of Crazy Taxi totally living up to its name below…

I don’t think Hulk Hogan ever looked this young his entire life. Also, is the Hulkster about to drive a taxi up his own butt? 

Well, now that Sega is officially in bed with Hulk Hogan (yuck) I eagerly await the Hogan-themed version of Altered Beast that’s always needed to exist.

Via Polygon