‘Words With Friends’ Has Its First Marriage

You really haven’t made it in the social networking game until you do two things: Cause a marriage by bringing two random people together, and irrevocably ruin one by revealing one or both spouses are cheating.

So, kudos to Words with Friends for having its first marriage. The lucky word nerds are Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse (Wait, really? Put your parents in the nursing home with roaches, dude). That’s them pictured at right.

They were random opponents who started having basic conversations and eventually actually met in person. And now they’re married, so good for them.

Lawless, 32 and an Uptown resident, was playing Words With Friends in 2009 with only one person, a friend who left for Thanksgiving vacation.

“She was out of town and not playing as quickly as I wanted her to,” Lawless said, so “I hit random opponent.”

Jasperse, 31, was the user on the other end of that random match.

They slowly began chatting – with a “hi” and a “hello” their first simple exchanges. On Jasperse’s birthday, they started talking a little more, eventually emailing and Skyping.

After a few months, they decided to take the plunge and meet. They were soon engaged and got married a year later in July of 2011.

We wish them long and happy marital bliss.

Now, Zynga, get on ruining that marriage, OK? That’s a lot more fun to write about. Although “sexy” and “Words With Friends” don’t really go together. Even if it is a great word to play.