The Unlicensed 'Joyland' World Of Warcraft Theme Park In China Looks Amazing, Joyless

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.14.13 7 Comments

Naming your amusement park “World Joyland” is an immediate red flag to anyone expecting to experience anything even closely resembling joy. CLASSIC China move, and it only gets better you once realize “Joyland” is an unlicensed World of Warcraft-themed amusement park split into seven sections that, according to Shanghaiist, cost only $30 million to build, or $970 million less than Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. Best of all, if you look above, you’ll notice a “Happiness Index,” which rates how much fun you’ll have on every ride. Amazing.
Redditor FrancescaO_O recently went to the park, and took photos from his visit to share online. But just don’t call it World of Warcraft if you go, too; it’s Terrain of Magic.

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