Writers Of Numerous Noted Cinematic Atrocities My Be Hired To Write ‘Farmville’ Movie

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Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen have written one movie everyone loves: “Toy Story.” Although realistically, it was Joss Whedon and Andrew Stanton, both of whom have gone on to become major creative stars in their own right, who probably wrote the parts you like. This is borne by the fact that outside of Pixar, Sokolow and Cohen are to blame for cinematic atrocities like the “Garfield” franchise, “Evan Almighty,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” and “Daddy Day Camp” (yes, the sequel to “Daddy Day Care” that even Eddie Murphy realized was beneath him).

So naturally they’ve been hired to write the Farmville movie
we told you was in development a couple of months ago. Why? Hell, we don’t know. Their potential Farmville movie producers/overlords want to disprove the existence of a loving, kind God?

This is apparently still in negotiations, though, so odds are pretty good that the annoying Facebook game won’t get anywhere near the big screen, especially since it’s more likely Zynga will implode on itself with each passing day.

Or so I hope, anyway.

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