Xbox One’s Rough Ride In Japan Continues With Only 99 Consoles Sold Last Week

Xbox One Launch
Getty Image / Charley Gallay

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the Xbox One since it launched in Japan, and to be honest, the launch itself was a bit of a disaster in its own right. Still, some recent sales figures for Microsoft’s current console of focus are pretty bleak even by the precedent that’s already been set.

Recent sales information collected by data tracking company Media Create and shared by 4Gamer (h/t Kotaku) reveals that only 99 Xbox One consoles were sold last week. Really! The system clocked in under the century mark in sales despite being on the market for under two years. For what it’s worth, Famitsu has the total bumped up to a somewhat less paltry 136 units sold. Either way, that’s a really bleak business scenario for Microsoft in Japan.

To put these totals in perspective, Media Crate lists the new Nintendo 3DS XL as moving 30,172 units. The Playstation 4 also bested the Xbox One by three digits with 25,592 consoles sold. Microsoft has never really lit Japan’s world on fire with XBox sales in their previous system incarnations, but the Xbox One has been struggling mightily since its launch. Back in September, the Xbox One dipped to moving a comparatively robust 1,314 units, and that was viewed as a pretty low point for the console. It’s probably a sign the current low isn’t tied to Snoop Dogg’s torching of the system last week.

Things have been such a mess that Microsoft is reportedly skipping this fall’s Tokyo Game Show. No official reason was given for the decision not to participate, but it seems reasonable to draw some conclusions based on the anemic sales of the Xbox One.

(via Kotaku)