A Google Study Into Xbox And PlayStation Users Shows Millennials Might Not Be So Cool These Days

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04.09.17 9 Comments

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Millennials have it tough. They came of age in a post-9/11 world that segued into a depression, and now they’re overeducated, underemployed and they aren’t even the tastemakers in gaming anymore. The one thing millennials could always point to as their generation’s calling card (beyond crippling student debt), was their ability to embrace technology like no other before them. Millennials grew up with joysticks in hand, and even the bros and jocks got into the world of digital combat when they embracedCall of Duty across the nation in record-setting numbers.

But now, a new study shows millennials aren’t at the forefront of tastemaking in gaming. The industry their generation propped up and took ownership of over the last three decades now has information stating that teens consider Xbox a “cooler” brand than Playstation, while millennials prefer Sony’s console.

The study by Google, called “It’s Lit” defines “cool” under Generation Z’s terms: “Teens feel being cool is about being yourself, embracing what you love, rejecting what you don’t, and being kind to others.” That’s pretty wholesome. Google calls it “enlightened” and I call it self-servicing because everyone knows Xbox isn’t cool, but I’m a millennial, so what do I know? Maybe everything I know about gaming, something I’ve been doing almost every day for 30 years, is just incorrect.

The study goes on to say: “Teens feel something is cool if it’s unique, impressive, interesting, amazing or awesome. Something becomes “cool” when it brings joy or happiness or is unique enough to stand out from everything.”

Males 13-17 ranked gaming by far the coolest thing in the world right now, with sports and technology not far behind. Google also ranked The Top Ten Coolest Brands, and they even showed up a few times:

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