March’s Xbox Games With Gold Is Heavy On The Arcade Hits

Entertainment Editor

The short month of February is always welcome because it means we get another batch of free video games a few days early. Free is always good, especially when it comes to March’s free Xbox Games with Gold lineup. Last month was up and down, but this week there are a few titles absolutely worth picking up.

Superhot (Xbox One) (March 16 to April 15)

Easily the best of Xbox’s March lineup, Superhot was born from the 7-Day FPS Game Jam and ended up as one of the most mind-bendingly innovative titles in the shooter genre in years. It’s also a game that you need to try. Explaining it doesn’t do it justice. This is worth every gig of hard drive space.

Trials of the Blood Dragon (Xbox One) (March 1 to 30)

In a totally appropriate but seemingly utterly random mashups of brands, arcade favorite Trials is blended into the over-the-top Far Cry: Blood Dragon spinoff. Rather than simply ride a motorcycle around a 1980s version of a post-apocalyptic future full of neon and dinosaurs, the Trials formula takes a step forward by allowing you to run, jump, and swing off your bike as well as take a jetpack. If you’re a Trials fan, it’s a must-get. If you’ve never played a Trials game (Excitebike with more thumb blisters), try it out.

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