Xbox’s Free Games With Gold In May Features Classics Like ‘Streets Of Rage’ And ‘Metal Gear Solid V’

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Microsoft just released its free games for those who subscribe to Xbox Live, and it’s another extremely solid collection. There’s a little something for everyone of course, with the new title Super Mega Baseball 2 sure to get attention for sports fans and the critically-acclaimed Metal Gear Solid V rounding out the modern titles. Beyond those two big games, gamers get two more “classic” titles that are from the last generation and the second gen of consoles.

Super Mega Baseball 2 (May 1-31)

It’s baseball season, and not everyone needs a super-hardcore simulation to join the digital boys of summer. Super Mega Baseball 2 isn’t quite NBA Jam, but it’s easier to pick up and play than The Show. The first game was beloved, and now Xbox owners will get the brand-new game for free on May 1 while PC and PS4 users have to buy the game for $29.99. It’s kind of like this year’s Rocket League, but for Xbox, and not car soccer.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (May 16-June 15)

Hideo Kojima’s Konami swan song is one of the best games of this generation and is absolutely worth your 30-60 hours of playtime. Even if you’ve never played a Metal Gear game before, this is worth picking up and diving into with its incredible graphics and controls.

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