Xbox Live Gets ‘Grow Up’ ‘RunBow’ And ‘Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean’ For July’s Free Games

July’s free game are here for PSN and Xbox Live, and while Xbox typically brings it, this month it seems like Playstation has won the battle of who can give out the best free stuff. Still, there are some good games for Xbox Live members in these hot months before anything new comes out. So, like a mute Jack Sparrow with weird flesh hooks for hands, let’s edge off the side of the ship and dive right in.

Grow Up (Xbox One)

The sequel to the lovable Ubisoft platformer Grow Home, Grow Up gives players an open world to experiment in. The price is right considering the game’s relative brevity. It’s definitely worth poking around.

Runbow (Xbox One)

Don’t be afraid of Runbow because it was a Wii-U game, this could end up being the center of a fun night on the couch with friends. Basically, you’re a color-coded racer rushing through a level in which you must avoid any platforms that match your character’s color. It’s hectic.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox 360)

Any Lego game is worth picking up for the co-op, even if you’re not a fan of the source material, and Pirates is no different. The game has aged, but hey, it’s free!

Kane and Lynch 2 (Xbox 360)

The Kane and Lynch games get a bad rap for being overly brutal and full of terrible, low-brow dark humor, but the action is spot-on. This is one of the most critically-panned games to come out on the Xbox Live Games with Gold platform, but if you want more couch co-op (there’s a theme in July), then you could maybe do worse if you dug around the bargain bin. But why be so masochistic?