If You Want An Xbox One, Now Is Definitely The Time To Buy

In any console generation, even one that’s seen as staggering a jump in consoles shipped as this one, there are plenty of gamers who wait for a deal. And with the Xbox One, it’s unlikely you’re going to find a deal better than this.

Microsoft has debuted a new Spring Bundle at a limited-time $350 price point that includes Halo 5, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, and Ori and The Blind Forest as digital downloads paired with a 1 TB Xbox One console. That’s roughly $90 worth of games at current market prices, putting what you pay for the console itself at roughly $260. If that weren’t enough, if you buy through Microsoft directly, you get another game on top of that. At the end of April, the price goes up to $400, which is still essentially $40 off the current asking price. The Xbox One itself has a temporary price cut to $300, if you just want the console.

The Xbox One has become incredibly appealing recently. The backwards compatibility feature has meant a ton of popular games can be picked up and played for cheap, and far more smoothly than with the Xbox 360. Even if you don’t care about video games, it’s a solid all-in-one streaming box and Blu-Ray player, and you can even order a pizza with it.

Of course, we’ve been here before. The last time Microsoft offered a “temporary” price cut, in November 2014, it became the standard price within a few months. So if you’re inclined to wait until the holiday season, where likely retailer discounts will be dropped on top of a similar bundle, then it might be worth holding off. But if you’ve been waiting to jump into the next generation, now would appear to be the time.

(Via GameRant)

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