Microsoft Debuts The Xbox Onesie To Satisfy All Your Lounging Needs

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In the world of video games, there are many confusing things. We’re at the point where you can buy the collectibles separately from the game they come with. So perhaps the existence of the Xbox Onesie was inevitable.

Created by Microsoft’s Australia division, and with tongue put rather firmly in cheek, the name sums up the concept quite handily: It’s an Xbox One themed onesie for adults. And it’s got some good ideas, like extra-large pockets for your controller, an expanded hood to throw over your headset so you don’t annoy your significant other while you game, a sleeve pocket for your phone so you can scroll through Facebook while a cinematic is playing, and forearm grips.

Oh, and you can have your Gamertag embroidered on it, although we can see that going horribly wrong. Wearing a onesie is one thing, wearing a onesie with Yolo420 on it is quite another. Besides, do you really want a gamertag your teenage self chose all those years ago to have physical form? Of any sort?

Admittedly, we’d wear one, but only because it seems pretty comfortable for when it’s cold. The one downside to this thing is that we can’t imagine anybody wanting to be close to you while you’re wearing it. But at least that leaves plenty of time for gaming, right?

(Via Microsoft)

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