Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’ Is Called The Xbox One X And It’s Launching November 7th With A Hefty Price

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06.11.17 5 Comments

Xbox’s Project Scorpio, heavily billed as “the world’s most powerful console,” finally saw the light of day at E3 2017 and it’s proper name is the Xbox One X. Amidst the hoots and hollers of the collected gamers in Los Angeles, the impressive guts of the latest Xbox were constantly praised and we got a reminder that the monstrous GPU and 12GB of DDR5 memory dwarfed that of the PS4 pro. Simply put, this is the console for 4K gaming, which it can run up to 60 FPS (if the game allows it).

Thankfully, the talking heads promised that the Xbox One X will deliver a beautiful picture to even those without a 4K TV, which is great to hear. Beyond delivering a dynamic, gorgeous picture for newer titles, it will upscale all old Xbox One games and deliver faster load times as well as dip into the new GPU to implement the possible new effects with all those old Xbox games that stuttered or just weren’t as sexy as they could be. In other words, Microsoft finally nailed 1080p after four years of struggles.

As far as pricing is concerned, gaming pundit Geoff Keighley dropped this mini-bomb early Sunday:

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