'You Don't Know Jack' On Facebook, All Workplace Productivity to Cease

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05.30.12 3 Comments

If you’re not familiar with “You Don’t Know Jack,” you’re likely a sad, isolated human being who probably lives alone with dozens of cats, fighting the specter of mental illness as it seeks to eat your soul. Which means you’re on Facebook all the time, so you can finally learn what everybody’s talking about!

We kid, of course.

“You Don’t Know Jack” is a trivia quiz game mostly notable for its writing and its questions, which leans towards the irreverent and the insane. The Facebook version is pretty fast, usually about eight minutes, packed full of insults and smartass remarks.

But there are some trade-offs: if you want to play more than one game a day, that’ll cost you thirty cents per game or so. And there are also some crappy “score enhancers,” because apparently people desperately need to cheat at Facebook games.

But there are also bizarre achievements that give you free games (and also an achievement you can buy about…buying achievements), so, hey, it’s not all bad. You can play on their Facebook page.

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