You've Probably Preordered 'Diablo III'

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Blizzard, better known as the Internet’s favorite digital crack dealer, takes a long time to put out games. But when they do, the reaction is usually massive.

Like, for example, the reaction to “Diablo III.” For the record, “Diablo II” came out twelve years ago. And now “Diablo III” is the most preordered PC game of all time on Amazon, as well as Blizzard’s most heavily preordered game ever.

And that’s because…because…er…well…honestly, we’re not sure. It’s not like the original two Diablo games were bad or anything, but “Diablo III” seems to very much a “click until the target falls over” type of game.

Then again, that’s all “World of Warcraft” is, and they make $150 million a month off it, so maybe we’re not the people to ask on this one.

(Image via Activision Blizzard)

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