‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Would Be Much Easier (And More Gory) If It Played Like ‘Fallout 4’

Fallout 4 may be the latest massive open world game devouring everybody’s time, but it didn’t invent the genre. You could argue The Legend of Zelda was the first true open world game, although that isn’t to say Zelda couldn’t stand to learn a few things from Fallout 4.

The guys at Dorkly went and imagined what it might be like if Zelda played like Fallout 4, and well, it certainly frees the world of Hyrule up a bit. Getting tired of Navi’s incessant chatter? Just send her back to one of your settlements to cool her tiny fairy heels. Can’t find that pesky boss key? Just whip out the ol’ bobby pin and screwdriver and break your way in. Oh, and exploding Ganon’s goddamn head using VATS looks pretty damn satisfying. He won’t be returning yet again after that.

Of course, Fallout could take some lessons from Zelda, too. Like, when you open up a locked chest, something important should probably come out, instead of half-used tubes of toothpaste and old coffee cups. Also, Fallout could totally use a hookshot. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer until the fateful day when all video games meld into one.

via Dorkly