‘ZombiU’ Comes To Other Consoles As Just ‘Zombi’

ZombiU is one of the few third-party exclusives for the Wii U. Er, was, rather: Ubisoft is rolling out a multiplatform version, out of nowhere, and you’ll get to play it sooner than you think.

The original WiiU game was a brutally unforgiving survival horror adventure set in London, hence the creepy cover of a children’s song. You couldn’t pause, and everything inventory-related was handled on the Wii U’s touchscreen. So you had to think fast, strike fast, and run like hell to avoid getting eaten. It also had a nice little dash of Demon’s Souls in the mix: If you die, you respawn as a new character, and have to hunt your former, zombified character down and crush their skull. Die in the attempt, and you can lose mission-specific items and really good weapons.

Oh, and the game will screw with you relentlessly as well: At least a few times you’re going to have to deal with a sudden, very nasty surprise on the fly. Better keep a good weapon handy.

That said, you have to wonder how this will work ported over. The Game Pad was arguably the centerpiece of ZombiU, and the trailer makes no mention of how the game will play. We’ll find out soon, though; it arrives on PC, PS4, and Xbox One Aug. 15.

(Via Kotaku)