15 More ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Pictures Are Out, And Only Some Of Them Are Dwarves Singing

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09.10.12 3 Comments

We’re, uh, here for the gangbang?

Just after announcing the titles and release dates for the three Hobbit movies and dramatically improving our quality of life with Party Thranduil pictures, Warner has release more pictures from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The pictures were found with Hobbit Movies, Warner’s official app for the three Hobbit movies. Strangely, the app didn’t include any club music to accompany the Thranduil pics. (Untz, untz, untz)
What the app did include was movie stills, production stills, story details, FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, and a map of Middle Earth. I lied about the five golden rings. There is only One Ring.
The pictures start on the next page. Look at these f–king hipsters.

If we saw this picture out of context, we would assume it was just a trustafarian from Williamsburg.

Get ready for lots of Dwarf songs. Three movies of them.

Oh look. More singing. Great.

A few more pictures are available at Collider and The Playlist.

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