25 Awesome Comic Book Cosplay Teams and Team-Ups

05.05.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

At New York Comic Con last year there was a full X-Men team with incredible costumes moving around the convention en masse with Ice Man bustin’ rhymes and Colossus doing the robot at the drop of a hat. It left me thinking PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS.
Cosplayers don’t get the attention they so desperately want (and deserve). Oh there’s the obligatory best of such-and-such-con that you’ll find all over the Internet after a major convention, but these features tend to be photo dumps of whatever that particular publication happened to shoot between panels with a focus on any costume with cleavage. There’s no ranking, no real ability to compare costumes. So I’m making it a priority to cover the best caped consumers of comics.
To kick off our coverage, I’ve got a special theme that you hopefully haven’t seen before: team cosplayers. If it’s hard to make one great costume, just imagine suiting up a whole group.
X-Gentlemen by Thesearestrangedays

Photo by LJinto
Photo by Scott McKeeve
Photo by coolsteel27
Photo by no_onions
Photo by Juan Carlos
Photo by Yaya Cosplay
Photo by Cliffather
Photo by Cliffather
Photo by Bitspitter
Photo by Kelldar
Photo by Mike Tuffley

Photo by BelleChere
Photo by
Photo by TaylorTime
Photo by BelleChere
Photo by Starsprinkles
Photo by Patcave
Photo by Danregal

By Paul Cory

Photo by TruestStrike
Photo by greyloch.
Photo by the searstrangedays
Photo by Cliffather
Photo by coolsteel27

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