30 Rejected Pieces Of Star Wars Merchandise We'd Totally Buy

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02.28.12 10 Comments

I must possess this.

In the late ’90s, Jason Geyer of Action Figure Insider was working for a merchandise company designing items for a Pepsi-affiliated marketing campaign for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Geyer posted some of the rejected designs in a gallery four years ago, and he’s back this week with another huge gallery of the Star Wars promo items that almost were.

We all touched every concept in some way, but the main guys who did these were Michael Hawkins, Steve Ross, me [Jason Geyer], and Kerry Gammill. And pretty much all of the really great ideas were by Steve Ross, who is probably the most creative person I’ll ever know. [Action Figure Insider]

If you see a rejected design you love in the slideshow below, keep in mind that most of these concepts were shot down before making it to the top levels at LucasFilms. I guess we’ll begrudgingly have to forgo blaming George Lucas for something this time. But whoever is responsible for shooting down the Han Solo mini-fridge idea has got some explaining to do.

All images courtesy of the two large galleries at Action Figure Insider. (Hat tip to /film.)

So fancy.

I would wear these in public with no hint of shame.

Who rejected this design? They will suffer for this outrage.

Finally, an excuse to suck face with Vader (not that we need any excuse).

This is so ’90s.

Banthas instead of Tauntauns? Booooo.

Is it wrong to kind of be turned on by this?

And this?

And, of course, this?

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