'300: Rise Of An Empire' Claims An Actual Life

03.20.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

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What’s the most senseless, meaningless death you can think of? Well sadly, whatever you just dreamed up has nothing on the death of Michael Emerson who died due an argument over the ending of 300: Rise of an Empire. Yes, really.

After the latest thongs and arterial spray-fest, Michael got into an argument with another group of moviegoers over whether we’d get another 300 sequel. I’ll give the recently deceased the benefit of the doubt and assume he was on the, “Jesus God no, if there’s good in this world there won’t be another sequel” side of the debate.

Anyways, Michael continued to argue with the guys from the bathroom until they jumped in their truck, backed over him and took off. The suspects have yet to be identified or caught. You can check out a news report on the unfortunate situation below…

So yeah, it’s unlikely somebody else is going to get killed over 300: Rise of an Empire, but just to be safe, continue to keep your distance from the movie.

via Daily News & KHOU Houston

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